The social network for business

By : Javier Sanchez

Technological advances have made life much simpler and talking about this kind of technology, I must reflect upon the role of the social network for business today. Them media social and those blogs have changed the way in that we communicate.

We have reached the point where if someone mentions that they do not have a profile on Facebook or Twitter, we will respond with a face of astonishment. These media have revolutionized the way we live our lives. Share with friends activists from around the world, Facebook, Twitter, Blogger, etc we have allowed have a voice and develop ideas in all the world. The beauty of social networking lies in the fact that anyone can use it. This puts on the table the Board of the equality and opens the door of them opportunities and the business.

Freedom in blogs

Blogging gives us the freedom to write from where we please. Gone are the days in which a writer can not only contribute because he or she did not find a platform to do so. Today, with the blogs, write it can do all.

Can networks achieve a collective awareness of social issues?

If it had not been for Twitter, the world might not have known cases that we think overmatched as a cluster and strong repression suffered by certain countries.

The young generation hardly has time to browse a newspaper or watching a television news program. As a result, the social network for business has taken this important work. Remember the case of Malala Yousafzai. If it had not been for Facebook, Twitter, and all the other social media platforms, very few people would have known of it. This only serves to show us the power that they blogs and that the social network for business is gaining in the world of today.

How can influence in the mind of the consumers?

Access to social media has proved to be a blessing for all the companies that try to find a point of support in the competitive markets of this digital world. Social media tools not only to give exposure to companies, they also help connect companies with consumers. With pages of Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Flickr, YouTube and other platforms, the business is insured.

Our minds, the consumer can be influenced in several ways. However, to do this, the team of marketing of the company should understand the trends that are in them media social. Not only to reach the target group in a way better, but it also helps to understand the strategies of competitors. This is both a blessing and a curse since everything is open and no opinion is restricted. Again we are playing on the equality Board.

Since the person average spends a good part of his time in line, these platforms can be platforms of advertising tremendously powerful and effective. Since the announcement of new developments for the launch of new products, a company can directly reach the target group.

Importance of bloggers, opinion leaders, and social networks

We live in a world where the freedom of speech and expression is more readily available. As a result, we have a powerful presence of the means of social communication. The world has become a smaller place with opportunities to connect and stay connected with the people on the other side the horizon

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